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Classic Coatings, Inc. is a leading applicator of Powder Coatings supporting commercial, and industrial markets. We have over 20 years of experience in the powder coating industry. Our quality standards are second to none in the business.

Powder Coating

Powder coatings, sometimes referred to as "dry paint," is a "baked" on metal coating.


Our talented staff of technicians take pride in their work, utilizing their years of experience to benefit you, our customer. Classic Coatings coats parts for Harley-Davidson, John Deere, Mercury Marine and Caterpillar. We also work with smaller companies who manufacture their own products which need industrial coating applications.

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New Washer In Sheboygan
The installation of the new PEM washer in Sheboygan is now complete. We finally retired the old three stage washer that was built in 1978 and replaced it with a new state of the art five stage washer built by PEM Industries out of Minnesota. This new washer is an L shaped design that allows us to fit it in the small building in Sheboygan and keep the same part window as the old washer. The installation was scheduled to shut down the plant for 5 production days. We did not hit this deadline but we were able to get back running on day 6. In addition to the new washer, we retrofitted a new control panel to control the ovens. This kept all of us very busy. Altogether this was about a $300,000 project.

With this new washer now operational, the Sheboygan plant is running the same nano-technology chemistry that is run in Two Rivers. It now lets us share work between plants better because we are running the same wash chemistry that has proven successful and is approved by many of our customers. Thank you to everyone for their help getting this project completed.